1) Research Workshop: 1.00-4.30pm

"Advancing Research in Cooperative Education and Work-Integrated Learning: A 'How-To' Workshop"

Dr. Maureen Drysdale
Associate Professor,
Department of Psychology
Research Associate, WatCACE
St. Jerome's/University of Waterloo, Canada
Dr. Kristina Johansson
Researcher and Senior Lecturer in Pedagogics
University West, Sweden

Join this four-hour interactive workshop where you will learn (or review) research methodology and have the opportunity to design a research study at your institution.  The workshop aims to provide an overview of the research methodology process for individuals or organizations that are entering into research for the first time or for those with experience who want to reinforce their research skills.  A second purpose of the workshop is to advance the research on cooperative education and WIL by having participants work together to design research projects that can be carried out at their institution or in partnership with other institutions.  A Research Methodology manual will be provided to participants.
For additional information on the three parts of this workshop, please click here.

2) Engaging Faculty Colleagues in Cooperative & Work-Integrated Education: 2.00-4.30pm

Ms. Maureen Dumas
Vice President of Career Services
Johnson & Wales University, U.S.
Mr. James Griffin
Associate Provost,
Johnson & Wales University, U.S.
Dr. Richard Porter
Professor & Chair of Mathematics
Northeastern University, U.S.
Program Director, WACE Institute on Global and Experiential Education
Dr. James Stellar
Queens College, The City University of New York, U.S.
Program Co-Director, WACE Institute on Global and Experiential Education

Recent books and commentary have challenged Higher Education that students are not sufficiently academically engaged with their College experience and thus learning at a sufficiently rapid rate. Quality institutions investigate ways to promote that learning by embedding reflective learning at critical points during a program of study and engaging students by highlighting the career/intellectual/work opportunities in college through work integrated learning.

Faculty are at the center of the learning process (as are students) and faculty commitment and support is critical to maximizing student learning during work integrated educational. Well designed assessment methodologies are also critical to ensure that students, faculty, and the institution have data to inform continual improvement. This interactive session will provide participants with examples and ideas for improving faculty engagement and assessment in work integrated education. Discussions will focus on the value of collaboration and techniques for using common purpose, listening, sharing, and collaborative relationships and formal assessment to engage in continual improvement of work integrated education. Key is to have 1) the ability to listen actively, 2) to arrive at an authentic set of shared values for cooperative and work integrated learning, and 3) to provide a easy to use system of assessment, and 4) to implement effectively to enhance student learning, Examples for documenting student learning and showing the value of partnering across units will be provided and discussed.

3) National Co-op & WIL Associations Roundtable: 2.00-4.30pm (This roundtable is by special invitation only)

Ms. Judie Kay
Associate Director, Portfolio of Learning for Work & Community Service
Victoria University, Australia
Ms. Norah McRae
Executive Director, Co-operative Education Program and Career Services
University of Victoria, Canada

Presidents and Key Staff of national associations from around the world have been invited to attend this roundtable discussion.  Issues including Association's organisational and governance arrangements, sustainability and potential joint initiatives will be discussed.  The roundtable  provides a forum for a  valuable exchange and support between National WIL associations.