Strategic Benefits

  1. The opportunity to be recognized as a global leader for the innovative use of cooperative education, internship and other forms of experiential learning programs as part of the educational process to prepare your students to enter a global economy.

  2. The opportunity to be strategically linked to global industries that utilize cooperative education and internship programs to develop and grow their future workforce needs for a global economy.

  3. The opportunity for exposure to benchmarking practices of fellow educational leaders.

  4. The opportunity to become a member of the WACE Board of Directors and play an active role in the formation of WACE policies that will promote the global development and growth of cooperative education and internship programs in support of educational needs.

Global Branding and Visibility Benefits

  1. Opportunity to participate in The Best of Co-op: A Guide to the Leading Colleges and Employers, distributed to over 23,000 high schools with a potential reader base of 2.3 million students and their families

  2. Advertising space on the WACE website that receives over 1.5 million hits per year

  3. Formal recognition as a Global Institutional Partner in all WACE conference publications and at all WACE sponsored events

  4. Linkages between the WACE website and the desired portion of your website

Program Benefits

  1. Complimentary registration program for all WACE sponsored conferences

  2. Eligible to participate in the WACE International Student Achievement Award

  3. Opportunity to annually nominate an alumnus/a to the WACE Hall of Fame

  4. Access to global experts through WACE sponsored online forums