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“Great job! What I enjoyed most dawned on me quite late in the game. It was a delight to withdraw from a leadership role and watch Jim (Stellar) and Ditmar lead the group. It was a learning experience to see how the group responded to another leadership style. The sparring additionally led me to understand where I was a bottle neck for the group. It also helped me trust my team on a new level.”
— Kettil Cedercreutz

“You are no strangers to Work Integrated Learning.”
— Dr. Rishi Balkaran

“Having come to the Institute for the first time, I was very impressed not only with the content but with the venue, the faculty as well as all the participants. After the five days I felt our team came away energized and ready to start implementing a well conceived plan. At the same time we learned from excellent faculty presenters and our colleagues. The informal venue was well conceived and fostered a common bond energizing us to work creatively and productively. All the while it didn’t feel like work – we enjoyed it and will remember the experience fondly!”
— Alexander Christoforidis

“Input from the WACE faculty was insightful and relentless, helping us break out of the mental logjam our group and institution had unwittingly formed.”
— Steve Crump

“An opportunity to focus on a single task/project as a team for 5 days with expert facilitation, surrounded by like-minded colleagues from around the globe on an idyllic island? Priceless!”
— Dineli Mather

“Be prepared for a unique experience.”
— Glynis Pereyra

“WACE made possible an enjoyable, creative and practical approach to experiential education for the entire week.” — William Gustafson

“The Institute allowed me to meet colleagues from around the world and to see experiential education from a diverse perspective. The information gathered has allowed me to expand and enhance my knowledge of global and experiential education to become a more effective leader within my institution.”
— Malcolm Campbell





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