General Information for Attendees
World Association for Cooperative Education


The Institute provided the substantive content we sought from faculty with years of experience in service-learning, community-based research, the engaging faculty, and assessing our programs and institutions. Its extraordinary facilitators, who were assigned to each team, helped us clarify our goals and build stronger, more effective teams with clear goals and objectives and methods to achieve the goals and the means to assess.
— Christa, Auburn University

The genius of the Institute is the dynamic interplay of plenary sessions, peer learning with representatives of diverse institutions, and team planning.
— Jeffrey, Wheaton College (IL)


Transformational, reflective...a first-class experience.
— Rob, University of the Highlands (Scotland)

Our team came with an idea and left with a plan ready to be put into action.
— Jill, University of Texas at Arlington



The Martha’s Vineyard Institute provided our institution the opportunity to clarify and operationalize our plan to incorporate experiential learning in a more integrated way into our campus culture. The facilitators were excellent mentors and the presenters focused on issues most relevant to our needs.
— Ron, Purdue University Calumet


The team-based, interactive nature of the institute is a great way to explore the issues and find solutions.
— Heinz, University of South Africa








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