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  1. Engaging Faculty & Enhancing Outcomes towards Academic and Professional Progress of Students

  2. Globalizing WIL Programs & Providing International Opportunities

  3. Developing & Sustaining WIL Partnerships in a Down Economy

  4. Creating Models of Learning Integrated Work (LIW) for those already Working

  5. Preparing Students for the Changing Nature of 21st Century Careers

  6. Creating New Quality in Industry & Higher Education Partnerships

  7. What Cooperative Education can learn from other WIL Strategies, such as Apprenticeship and Corporate Academy

  8. What WIL can learn from other forms of Experiential Education

  9. Research Integrated Education (RIE): Best and Next Practices in Work Integrated Research

A.) Please check which Discussion Topic (1-9) on which you are submitting your one page paper:

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B.) One Page Paper: For your selected topic, please describe, in two to three paragraphs (150-250 words), your professional experience and/or personal views related to “Best and Next Practices” practices for this topic. (To ensure accurate formatting, please type paper directly into text area below)

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