(The One Page Paper is a brief 150-250 word overview of your professional experience and/or personal views.)



One Page Paper Submission Opens: February 15, 2010
One Page Paper Submission Closes: May 1, 2010
Registration Closes: June 1, 2010

Registration is limited to 125 delegates

We encourage ALL Delegates to submit a one page paper (multiple submissions will be accepted)

WACE’s Eighth International Symposium on “Best and Next Practices” fosters a unique learning environment.  Rather than offering the traditional type of concurrent sessions, such as paper presentations, panels, and workshops, WACE and FH Joanneum University of Applied Sciences, our Host University, are pleased to offer the


So what is the Academic Salon?  It is a “new” form of interaction based on the premise that we all have something to learn as well as share.  The Academic Salon focuses less on formal presentation and more on DISCUSSION.  The Academic Salon will have succeeded when all participants have a clear idea how to implement “Best and Next Practices.”

All International Symposium delegates will be invited to submit a one page paper
addressing one of the following nine “Discussion Topics”:

  1. Engaging Faculty & Enhancing Outcomes towards Academic and Professional Progress of Students

  2. Globalizing WIL Programs & Providing International Opportunities

  3. Developing & Sustaining WIL Partnerships in a Down Economy

  4. Creating Models of Learning Integrated Work (LIW) for those already Working

  5. Preparing Students for the Changing Nature of 21st Century Careers

  6. Creating New Quality in Industry & Higher Education Partnerships

  7. What Cooperative Education can learn from other WIL Strategies, such as Apprenticeship and Corporate Academy

  8. What WIL can learn from other forms of Experiential Education

  9. Research Integrated Education (RIE): Best and Next Practices in Work Integrated Research

Each Academic Salon will address one of the above nine Discussion Topics and will consist of:

  1. A Discussion Leader

  2. Up to three Academic Salon Presenters

  3. Active Delegates interested in that topic


  1. Each Academic Salon will be approximately 1 1/2 to 2 hours in length.

  2. The Discussion Leader is responsible for introducing the Presenters; introducing the Academic Salon topic; and facilitating the session.   After the Academic Salon concludes, the Discussion Leader is also responsible for preparing a short report of the most important results of the Academic Salon and will submit this report for presentation to all International Symposium Delegates at the end of the symposium.

  3. The Academic Salon Presenters will have approximately 15 minutes to share their specific experience outlined in their papers using a poster, flipchart, and/or handouts. (No Powerpoint presentations, please.)

  4. Active Delegates will be expected to contribute to the Academic Salon by sharing their experiences and/or papers.

  5. All One Page Papers will be published and made available to every International Symposium Delegate.  Also, International Delegates who wish to prepare a more formal (non-refereed) page paper can distribute them by preparing copies.

  6. If you are interested in submitting a Refereed Paper, please see the WACE Refereed Paper Guidelines on the event homepage.  (Submitting a Refereed Paper is optional.)  You can distribute your paper at the International Symposium by preparing copies.