Title: “International and English as an Additional Language Learners in Co-op: Innovating our Curriculum Delivery and Practice”
Presenters: Dr. Nancy Johnston, Simon Fraser University  Canada
  Ms. Heather Williams, Simon Fraser University  Canada
Title: “Using Appreciative Inquiry to develop a work integrated learning strategy”
Presenter: Ms. Leanne Pool, Whitireia New Zealand  New Zealand
Title: “Transnational study of employability developments in higher education”
Presenter: Mr. Martin Smith, University of Wollongong  Australia 
Title: “Enhancing teaching and learning collaboration with business sector: A case study of Suranaree University of Technology”
Presenter: Dr. Sareeya Wichitsathian, Suranaree University of Technology  Thailand
Title: “Tensions, challenges and wicked problems for Inclusive WIL: students on the edge”
Presenter: Dr. Theresa Winchester-Seeto, Macquarie University and EFPI & Charles Sturt University Australia
Title: “PharmD Patient Care Rotations: Student and Preceptor Feedback”
Presenter: Dr. Emily Milne, University of Waterloo  Canada
Title: “Promoting Interdisciplinary Approaches to Cooperative and Work-Integrated Education with Students and Employers”
Presenter: Dr. Allison Benner, University of Victoria  Canada
  Ms. Barbara Svec, University of Victoria  Canada
Title: “Is everyone onboard? - Some results from a small scaled study on the experiences of teaching in an experience- based design in a cross- disciplinary master program”
Presenter: Dr. Kristina Johansson, University West  Sweden
Title: “Going Out to explore or bringing in the world of work for illustration? - A critical analysis of how WIL is expressed and represented in course curricula at University West”
Presenter: Dr. Kristina Johansson, University West  Sweden
Title: “Preparing students for off-campus learning: Advice from students for students”
Presenter” Dr. Jenny Fleming, Auckland University of Technology  New Zealand
Title: “Giving Students’ Career EDGE at Indiana University”
Presenter: Dr. Stephen Hundley, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis  United States
Title: “Exploring and perspectivising the idea of the academic vs. the real world: An idea from the past that forms today’s discourse on the theory-practice relationship in higher education”
Presenter: Mr. Ville Bjorck, University West  Sweden
Title: “Sector enhanced talent supply chain through managed collaborative placement scholarships”
Presenter: Ms. Patricia Parrott, Harper Adams University  United Kingdom
Title: “Supporting personal branding in periods of transition from student to employee”
Presenter: Ms. Patricia Parrott, Harper Adams University  United Kingdom
Title: “Internship Program Evaluation: A Collaborative Approach Utilizing Mixed Methods”
Presenter: Dr. Christie Rinck, University of South Florida  United States
Title: “A Comparative Study of Co-operative Education Participants’ Experience and Work Motivation Having Impacts on Work Behavior of Graduates of Educational Institutes in Eastern Region of Thailand”
Presenters: Dr. Patchanee Nontasak, Burapha University  Thailand
  Dr. Sakchai Setarnawat, Burapha University  Thailand
Title: “Quality Assurance and Assessment in Work integrated Learning”
Presenter: Mr. Edwin Mabelane, Vaal University of Technology  South Africa
Title: “On Becoming a Professional: The Role of Emotional Work-readiness [EW]”
Presenter: Dr. Sue Bandaranaike, James Cook University  Australia
Title: “The Tapioca Radio Show: A Method to Expand the Reach of Experiential Learning through Popular Education”
Presenters: Prof. Erik Alanson, University of Cincinnati  United States
  Mr. Michael Sharp, University of Cincinnati  United States
Title: “Creating sustainability in teaching and learning: University, Industry Collaboration”
Presenter: Ms. Annie Moletsane, Vaal University of Technology  South Africa