The WACE Best Refereed Paper Award was created to recognize an outstanding CWIE researcher. The Award becomes a part of WACE’s commitment to CWIE research in concert with the WACE International Research Group and the WACE International Research Symposia. The Award is presented to the researcher whose work provides evidence of the power of CWIE on an academic discipline, industry or students. The Award was first given at the 1st International Research Symposium at University West June 2014. The list of winners, the titles of their papers and the WACE programs where presented are:

June 2016

WACE 2nd International Research Symposium
University of Victoria
Victoria, Canada

Dr. Tracey Bowen
University of Toronto, Mississauga Canada

"Becoming a professional: A comparative analysis between Canadian and
Swedish WIL student perspectives"

August 2015

WACE 19th World Conference
Kyoto Sangyo University
Kyoto, Japan

Dr. Gregory Reddan
Griffith University, Gold Coast Campus Australia

“Enhancing the employability of Exercise Science students”

June 2014

International Research Symposium
University West Trollhattan, Sweden

Dr. Phil Gardner
Michigan State University United States

“The Role of Social Network Ties and Relationships during the Internship Assignment: Shaping Socia l Integration, Task Mastery and Satisfaction”