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WACE’s 11th International Symposium will focus on
and will feature
*Cooperative & Work Integrated Education (CWIE) is a term created by WACE
to acknowledge and embrace all forms of work-integrated learning (WIL).
Please see the Abstract Submission Form tab on the event webpage to submit your 250 word abstract.
“CWIE Research: Beyond the Edge”
1. Accessibility: gender, indigenous, disability, sexual orientation, socio-economic   9. International Students & International Partnerships
2. Collaborations: inter-institutional,
stakeholders & inter-sectoral
  10. Mapping & Reconciling Goals Across Multiple Stakeholders
3. Disruptive CWIE   11. Mentoring
4. Faculty Engagement and Teaching for Transfer   12. Policy & Practice within CWIE
5. Ecosystem   13. Quality Assurance & Assessment
6. Globalization   14. Resilience and Adaptability in a Changing Labour Market
7. Impact of CWIE on Communities and Society   15. Teaching & Learning in CWIE
8. Interdisciplinary Knowledge & Contexts   16. Working with Employers of International CWIE Students
Refereed Paper & Academic Poster Deadlines
September 15, 2015 –
January 15, 2016:
  Abstract Submission Period for Refereed Papers & Academic Posters
(with rolling review & acceptance; early submissions are highly recommended)
February 15, 2016:   Full Refereed Papers Due for the Blind Review Process
April 15, 2016:   Refereed Paper Authors will Receive Comments from the International Review Committee
May 1, 2016:   Refereed Paper Authors & Academic Poster Presenters Must Register to be included in International Research Symposium Program
(Optional) Revised Refereed Papers due (based on reviewers’ comments)
June 1, 2016:   International Research Symposium Proceedings (abstracts & full papers) posted on WACE website
General Information
  • Description: Refereed Research Papers are those that feature empirical work and may be either Quantitative or Qualitative research.

  • Blind-Review Process: The review of the submitted paper will be conducted through a blind-review process.

  • Online Symposium Proceedings: The abstracts and full papers will be featured in the online Symposium Proceedings, which are housed on the WACE website. Should an author wish not to have his/her full paper featured due to a publishing conflict with a journal to which he/she will subsequently submit the paper, the author should notify the WACE Secretariat (and then only the abstract will be published in the WACE online Symposium Proceedings). The online Symposium Proceedings will contain an assigned ISSN.

  • Presentation: Presentations will be scheduled in a 35 minute time slot, with indicatively 25 minutes of presentation and 10 minutes of discussion.
Submission Guidelines
  • Submission Criteria: If the abstract is accepted, a full paper must be submitted no later than February 15, 2016 for the blind-review process, in which the paper will be critiqued by a team of international reviewers who will submit completed evaluation forms, which may contain recommendations for improvement (to be conveyed to author(s)), to the WACE Secretariat.

  • Full Refereed Paper Requirements:
    • minimum of six 400 word double-spaced pages and not exceeding twelve 400 word double-spaced pages, not including the cover page, notes, or bibliography.
    • APA format.
    • do not include your name or credentials for this blind review process; only final paper submissions for inclusion in the online conference proceedings (after edits are made based on reviewers’ feedback) should contain the authors’ names & credentials (as there will be no further blind review). If no additional versions of the paper are submitted (because the paper was accepted outright with no edits needed), the WACE Secretariat will insert the author’s / authors’ name(s) onto the paper for the online conference proceedings.
    • please see the WACE Refereed Paper Guidelines document available on the International Research Symposium webpage for detailed instructions.

  • Please Note:
    • Papers must be emailed to Marty Ford at in MICROSOFT WORD ONLY. Any faxed, PDF or mailed-in papers will not be considered.
    • The acceptance of a paper after the refereeing process does not guarantee that it will be published by a journal. Publication will be at the discretion of the journal of your choosing.
General Information
  • Description: All Academic Posters should focus on the International Research Group Theme and will present a variety of contributions on different topics, from different countries, and using different theoretical perspectives and methodologies. There will be a designated Academic Poster Session during the International Research Symposium, which all delegates will attend.

  • Online Symposium Proceedings: The abstracts will be featured in the online Symposium Proceedings, which are housed on the WACE website. The online Symposium Proceedings will contain an assigned ISSN.

  • Presentation: Academic Poster Presentations will be scheduled in a one hour time slot, for attendance by all International Research Symposium delegates.
Submission Guidelines
  • Submission Criteria: Each submission must include the following:
    • Title, authors and affiliations (only the first author will be contacted. He/she is responsible for contacting other authors regarding acceptance of the submission).
    • a maximum 250 word abstract detailing the study, the methodology, and the results.

  • Academic Poster Requirements:
    • Upon acceptance, the academic poster should be scientific and contain the following sections: Title, Author(s) and affiliation(s), Abstract, Introduction with Rationale, Methods, Results, Discussion, Implications, and References.
    • The dimensions should be 122 cm (48”) wide X 91 cm (36”) high. o Font size should be 70-100 for the title, 48-60 for headings, and 34-36 for all text, figures, and tables.
    • The presenter(s) should bring paper copies and business cards for distribution.
    • No projector is available in the Academic Poster room.