During the WACE 19th World Conference at Kyoto Sangyo University, we the KSU students will welcome all the delegates with “Omotenashi spirit (hearty hospitality).”
With our theme of “A Step towards a Fulfilling Global Experience”, we have set up a student project team “Kyowa (Kyoto Ring)” to welcome the delegates with our original plans so that your stay in Kyoto during the conference will be a memorable one.

The members of Kyowa will work at the reception, as campus guides, and as staff assistants at each venues of presentation. We will also set up the multilingual help desks to support the delegates from around the world.

We will also perform Kyoto’s traditional practice of Uchimizu, water sprinkling to ease heat of hot summer, provide information for food consideration including the list of food allergens, and organize events to introduce “Japanese Culture” and “KSU’s Unique Cooperative and Work Integrated Education” in English. In addition, a class of PBL (Project Based Learning) is designing an optional Kyoto tour in collaboration with JTB West Travel agency.

We hope you will enjoy conference programs and the students’ Omotenashi.!
Section I: Introduction of Japan Culture

This section is preparing to introduce tea ceremony and martial arts with performance and mini-experience so that all the delegates can feel closer to Japanese culture and history.
Group A: Sadō (Tea ceremony) performance and mini-experience
Please experience the sense of “Wabi & Sabi” to feel nothingness in simplicity and tranquility. We will provide Sado performance and you can also participate in a mini-experience during tea break and cultural programs.
Group B: Performances of Japanese martial arts
Please come and watch performances of Japanese traditional martial arts of Iaido, Karate-do and Aikido by official KSU sports club members. .
Group C: The panel presentations of history and culture
Our team introduces Kyoto’s history and culture by panel presentations in depth normally described in tourist guidebooks. Our presentations will attract Japanese delegates as well as international delegates if you are interested in Kyoto. The panel presentations will be in Japanese and English throughout the three days of the conference. Please come and see during Tea Breaks.
Section II: Introduction of CWIE at KSU

In this section, there are two groups to introduce CWIE at KSU --- Presentation group, and Panel display & Poster presentation group. We present what we have learnt and gained from the CWIE programs through our own experience in Japanese and English.
Group D: Presentations of CWIE at KSU
We will do conference-like presentations to introduce some of KSU’s unique CWIE programs. It will be presented in English.

Presentation examples:

1. PBL class with Kyoto Kamigamo Shrine (World Heritage).
2. Coop programs developed by KSU
3. Global Science Course

Group E: Panel displays and poster presentations of CWIE at KSU
We will show you KSU’s unique CWIE programs with poster displays and presentations. The displays will be in both English and Japanese and placed during the conference and there are student presentations in English and Japanese during Tea Breaks and Networking.

Display/presentation examples
1. A first-year mega CWIE class with 2,000 student registrations and how it is organized.
2. PBL class for arranging an optional Kyoto tour for WACE world conference delegates
3. Honey Bees Project

Section Ⅲ: Kyoto optional tour
Group F: Kyoto optional tour in collaboration with JTB West Travel Agency
We in Group F are in charge of planning, execution and sales of WACE’s optional Kyoto tour.

This is one of KSU’s "O/OCF-PBL(On/Off Campus Fusion-Project Based Learning) course" projects, with the collaboration with JTB West Corp.